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Contact display on app pop-up


Is there any way to display the full contact information on the app pop-up, as below is how it appears at the moment and all we have to go on is the contact initials, which is useless really.

Can this be changed?


ringcentral appcontacts
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Hello! there is no option to customize this. Please submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal at

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By the way, there is an existing feature request for you to vote. Go to

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James Lindsley avatar image James Lindsley commented ·

Completely agree. Seem like a basic feature that everyone would want. Why would ringcentral not have thought this as an important feature?

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Tom Howarth avatar image Tom Howarth James Lindsley commented ·

It's crazy, isn't it? Another basic feature that I find utterly baffling has not been implemented yet. We'll have moved systems long before it's developed.

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