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frank-busalacchi-jr asked Shaya Rosenberg commented

Is There a URI Scheme to go to SMS conversation in RCApp ?

I see lots of other schemes for various functions in RCApp, but not to get to SMS?

If there isn't one yet, I really think it would be nice to add something similar to this:

rcapp://sms?number=<phone number>

that would bring the RC app up to the conversation with the phone number, or if one doesn't exist start one.

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frank-busalacchi-jr avatar image frank-busalacchi-jr commented ·

Thank you Phong!

First, I want to thank you for how attentive you are to all things RC developer, and how quickly you respond. You really do a great job for the RC community, and I don't think you are thanked enough, so Thank you again.

Second, do you suppose that it was just an oversight not to have that functionality, or intentional? I think the functionality that currently exists with the various URI Schemes is very useful, but it needs to be complete for all the functions in the app. I find it interesting that the decision was made that it needed to have "rcapp://chat/r?groupid=<chat id> -> Open RingCentral App to a specific chat, e.g. team, group chat or private chat. ", but not to a text conversation?

These sorts of URIs are great for when custom HTML reports are being generated, and being able to add quick links to functionality.

What is the best way of going about getting it added? Feature request Post? That route seems like it takes forever to get done. I believe any of us could add the functionality to the codebase in less than 20 minutes!

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ frank-busalacchi-jr commented ·

I fully agree with you about URI schemes are great way to embed many features to a Web site/app and believe me, I have a long list of requests for many useful one. But unfortunately, those are not yet implemented and I have not pushing them hard enough. I have this demo site to test and compare to what we used to have on the classic RC app. My expectation is at least those features on the classic app should be supported in the new RC app. I have not updated the demo app for such a long time so some supported features could be missing or stop working too.

You can help pushing it by sending your request/idea to the ideas channel too.

Let me revisit this with the dev team to see what is going on on their side.

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frank-busalacchi-jr avatar image frank-busalacchi-jr Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

Did you ever get a chance to revisit with the dev team ? I did put it in the ideas channel.

Should take minimal effort to add. Hopefully they consider doing it sooner than later!

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cameron-saemann622 avatar image cameron-saemann622 commented ·

I just discovered a URI existed for everything except SMS! I'd love to link right to a conversation with a contact.

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frank-busalacchi-jr avatar image frank-busalacchi-jr cameron-saemann622 commented ·

As Phong Vu mentioned, the ideas channel is the place to up-vote and support the idea to add this feature.

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ frank-busalacchi-jr commented ·

Thanks for sharing it @frank-busalacchi-jr. Please also add your voice for the UX of using the URI schemes. I personally don't like the universal URIs (e.g. as it always open a new page and force the user to make a few more clicks to dial. Unfortunately, the team wants to focus more on supporting the universal scheme.

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ cameron-saemann622 commented ·

I am revisiting this with the team. Not sure about the outcome but I will push as much as I can.

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frank-busalacchi-jr avatar image frank-busalacchi-jr Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

Not a whole lot of support on the up-votes in user land, but I still feel this would be a often used enhancement. Any conversation from the team? Seems like a really easy upgrade for the future...

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Shaya Rosenberg avatar image Shaya Rosenberg commented ·

PLease for the love of god lmk when I can use url Scheme to open an existing message

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Phong Vu answered

As far as I know, there is no URI scheme to open SMS conversation in the RC app.

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