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Customer Answering Rules

Is there any documentation that defines within Auto-Receptionist/General Setting/Location/Custom Answering Rules what Rule overrides what Rule?

What I am struggling with is once a month our Sales Department is open on Sunday's while the rest of the departments are closed. Currently we are setup with afterhours custom rules and day custom rules. To accomplish the Sunday opening for sales I was instructed by our install team to update each custom rule each month for sales opening and then revert them back once that Sunday passes. After doing this for the past several months for multiple locations it is getting pretty time consuming. Is there a better way to accomplish this? I "assumed" there wasn't since the install team know way more about the programming than I do.

Any help would be appreciated.

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So basically, you have your numbers for the departments parked on the Auto Receptionist, and a custom rule per department for their hours?

If so, it would make more sense just to have the calls forwarded to each department and set custom hours on the queue/seat for the specific department. So, for Sales, have the Sales # still on the AR, but do not select a time condition with the custom rule - simply have it connect to the sales queue/seat. Then, on the sales queue/seat, set their normal hours for the department as per usual, but make a custom rule for the year with the Sunday exceptions when they're open.

Does that make sense?

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