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Office@Hand (RingCentral) Desktop App Missing Feature Request: Upcoming Scheduled Meetings

I am trying to raise awareness for this issue. If you are a RingCentral user (Office@Hand users can't vote), please go vote (and get your users to vote) for the idea (feature request) at the following link:

I am an AT&T Office@Hand customer, but I believe the desktop application is similar to what RingCentral users use for video meetings. The application only shows calendar events from connected Microsoft or Google accounts. It does not keep track of its own upcoming scheduled meetings. This is a severe limitation when compared to other video conferencing solutions, such as GoToMeeting, which shows upcoming and past meetings inside the desktop application. The Office@Hand/RingCentral desktop applications need to be aware of AT LEAST upcoming scheduled meetings. I believe this is a feature that is sorely needed.

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@Jacob Banda Thanks for sharing this. Please connect with the team at Office@Hand as well. My team will add some notes to the idea you've shared here to reflect the need on the Office@Hand side.

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Hello @Becky-Community_Manager . Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post. Unfortunately, I am unaware of the appropriate community support channels for AT&T Office@Hand. The only forums that were made known to me were here at RingCentral. Would you happen to know where else I can voice our concerns to the Office@Hand team?

Thank you!

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If you have an account manager or someone your team is in contact with about the service, I might start there.

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Our account manager told us to come here to voice our concerns.


Thank you though!

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