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Incoming calls instantly goes to missed calls that didn't even reached me, there was no ring or notification at all

Hi guys, i need your help. I work as a receptionist and i have a problem with my rc app on my windows desktop. i kept on having missed calls that didn't even rang on my side. there was also no notification of a missed call. The only way that i knew that someone had tried to call me was when i click the call log and thats when i'll find out that i had missed calls. but i was online at that time. and these problem affects my evaluation at work. pls help thank you.

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Hello @Mary Labradores, are these missed calls came from direct dial to your extension or from a call queue?

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Hi Mary. We have been having this same issue. Generally its when we have more than 1 user signed in at a time. We have been told this is a known issue but there is no fix and no eta of if one will be done.

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Hello Dominic, the ticket for the known issue is still in progress. I also followed up to ensure they were working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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