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Sending additional metadata while forwarding

I'm forwarding the call to some other extension and need to send additional metadata (just simple array of key-value pairs) with this request. Is it possible?

Forwarding looks like this:


Thank you in advance.

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No, the API does not take any extra data/metadata.

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Is it possible to send that data somehow else with RingCentral.Net? Maybe reuse some field or maybe send info in some header of RestClient?

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Where do you want to send it to? Any parameter which is not specified in an API endpoint should cause an error or be ignored.

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We just need to send some data during forwarding and to receive it when the call arrives to the target client app. Just to avoid additional requests to get metadata for this call from our system.

So actually sending the data with forward in this case will give us possibility to work with this call immediately, without waiting when (if) the metadata will come.

Is there any plans to add such field for custom metadata in the future?

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