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Device SIP Registration API is giving "Device is not allowed for Other" error message

We are trying to Register a SoftPhone using the Register Device API available in RingCentral. However, we are getting the "device is not allowed for other" if we are using the SoftPhone device id as the Input parameter. Please refer the screenshot below:

Here, we are using the "WSS" transport type to register the Ringcentral Softphone. Also, we noticed that if we are not providing the device id, api gives the 200 Ok response code. It returns the SIP Information of the WebPhone instead of the Softphone (already assigned to the user) .

Kindly help to resolve this issue.

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How did you get the device id of the RingCentral soft phone? And If you could get the device id of the RingCentral soft phone, it means that the device is already registered and assigned for an extension.

Tell me what you really want to achieve?

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As per our requirement, we are trying to supervise a call using the RingCentral API. In ringcentral developer account we have an api "Supervise Call Session" ( To get the response we need to pass few input parameters in the api. As you said the device is already registered, we are using the same device id as the input parameter in this API. Please refer the screenshot below:


But when we hit the try out options it returns 403 Forbidden error "Can't find the registered device id for the current user". Could you please let me know if I am missing something.

Note: Device is showing as online inside the service.devtest.ringcentral portal.

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Then you probably use the wrong API. The SPI registration is for creating and register your own device. In this case, you are using the RingCentral soft phone which is not your own device. Read this blog to learn more.

To supervise a call, you need to set up the call monitoring and specified the supervisor and monitored agent(s). Then use one of these APIs to supervise agents' calls.

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