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Call Queue Members Unavailable and Calls Not Immediately Going to Voicemail

We have a call queue for our main knowledge center. The call queue manager reported an issue wherein all callers are unavailable during business hours and a call will not automatically go to voicemail. The queue is set up to wait for a given time before going to voicemail. There is no option for a caller to be sent right to voicemail with a different message (all agents are busy, if you'd like to leave a voicemail press 1). But we have a recording of this message that we've put into the call queue previously that say this, but not the option is no longer there.

The call queue manager has said something has changed in the past few weeks. I have a ticket open with RC and they say that's never been an option. I'm trying not to pass judgement on either side, but I know this person and they are kind of a stickler for how their call center runs. Is it possible there WAS a change and the RC tech doesn't know that? Is there a setting we're missing?

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