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Plantronics Hub / Constant Ringing

The constant ringing occurs with these conditions:
  • RingCentral Desktop app version 22.3.10 or higher
  • 'Headset controls' turned on
  • Plantronics Hub installed and using a Plantronics headset.

    The RC app continues to ring if I don't pick up an incoming call or I'm on an existing call and I don't pick up. The ringing will not stop unless I turn off 'Headset controls'. This all began with RingCentral Desktop app version 22.3.10 (around 8/1/22) and support hasn't found a fix as of this writing, 9/13/22.
This is affecting multiple users with two different Plantronics headsets models (Savi 8220 and Savi W710). Jabra users are not affected.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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I know that one customer did a reset/power cycle of the headset, but it may be an issue with the Plantronics Hub.
If you've not submitted a case, I would recommend doing so - we can collect those customers that are experiencing this issue and escalate as needed.

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We have the same issue it is very annoying.

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