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Answering Calls That Are Ringing Other Office Numbers

How do I set up the ability to answer incoming phone calls that are ringing at other office numbers? Example: how can I answer the conference room phone ringing from my desk when I hear it ringing next door? I don't want my phone to ring when any office number is ringing or be a forwarding number from other extension. Thanks.

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I guess I should have been more clear. I am using a PolyComm phone at my desk to pick up. I did have a Group set up to pick up the calls but that immediately disconnected my own number when I picked up a call. I removed the Group setting so I would be able to answer my own phone without a hangup. I am trying to pick up another extension outside of the RingCentral application.

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Is there any other input from RingCentral on this? Any ideas besides Group Call Pickup? Not really a lot of help.

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Hi @Jeff Strickland, we'll check for more regarding this.

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