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Robot like audio on video meetings

A few of our users have reported that participants in meetings tell them that they sound like a robot (choppy and odd audio artifacts). I have heard it when meeting with some of our Ops team members. The users have external bluetooth headphones.

I've noticed that if we switch over to a Zoom or Teams meeting, the issue is non-existent.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Any workarounds? I'm hesitant to buy new headphones since the issue doesn't persist (and has never been reported) with a different video service.

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Hi @Mitchell Craver, please submit a ticket to Tech Support so they can check the issue. They may need to get the Meeting ID.

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Lindsey Gloria avatar image Lindsey Gloria commented ·

We've had issues with Dell Optimizer interfering with audio quality on workstations with specific programs. Sometimes when users connect new audio hardware, settings that were previously disabled, would revert back on. We also have good luck by going into the Sound Properties for the device and making sure the 'sidetone' is set to 0 and to check 'Disable all enhancements'.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Lindsey Gloria commented ·

Thanks for sharing this, @Lindsey Gloria!

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