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I want to use sidetone using the mobile RingCentral app

I use the RingCentral app on my cell phone, and not on my computer. I have a wired Jabra headset that I use to make calls plugged in with a USB-A connection. When I make calls using my normal cell phone number, I can hear a normal amount of my own voice (sidetone) in the headset. I'm also available to adjust that amount of sidetone using a Jabra app.

However, I can't hear any sidetone when using the RingCentral app. My headset earpieces cover my ear, so I can't hear myself that well when making calls. This results in an uncomfortable conversation and me speaking a lot louder than I want.

Support has not been any help so far. Anybody have any suggestions?

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well they can't help you, because there isn't a setting for sidetone.
Move your mic up, away from your mouth so it isn't as loud for the other person, for example keep your microphone at nose level or eye level.

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