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Issue with the displaying name after transfert


We have a issue with all our phone, per exemple :

When the user "Alexandre" call "Adrien", the displaying name on the both phone are correct. But if "Adrien" transfert "Alexandre" to "John", the displaying name on Alexandre phone will not be john but Adrien. It same we have this issue on deskphone and softphone.

We have Yealink T53W phone with the last firmware version; We already contact Yealink support and they think the issue comme from Rign Central; here the Yealink support answer :

"RC has no mechanism to update the new object to the local end after the current call is transferred from the remote end, the phone will always judge that the call is with the same remote end by default, so there will be no change in caller id, this problem needs the cooperation of RC."

I try to call Ring Central support in my country but they tell me i have to talk with a level 3 technician but is difficult to have one.

If someone can help me please it will be great.

Best regard.

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this is how it is supposed to work. There is no fix, because there is no issue.
Alexandre called Adrien and if the call gets transferred 100 times he will still see Adrien on his end.

I am pretty sure it will be easier to find a workaround than to try to solve this. Now, I need to know why this is an issue for you and what your current phone system settings are. But just an example for you

if you have the default settings whenever Alexandre gets forwarded to John, Alexander will hear "Hello. Please wait while I try to connect you". This is the Connecting message - you can disable this and instead enable the User Greeting "Thank you for calling John"

This way Alexandre knows he got forwarded to John. The pathway to changing those is ...go to the admin portal >Users > click on a user > Screening, Greeting and Hold music.
You can also customize these greetings/connecting messages to be whatever you want.

An actual solution the way you want it to work would require very deep changes, that no kind of support can do. These sort of things are done by developer/engineer teams and involve programming and I doubt RC will bother since this is the way it is supposed to work and most people prefer it this way. :D Sorry if this is bad news for you

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Hello Ryan Gosling,

First i want to thanks you for your answer. Ok let's say it is normal despite of Yealink telle me. Is it normal i have the same issue when someone use the BLF pick-up options ? Per exemple Alexandre call John, and Louis see on is phone that john have a call and pick-up, that make Alexandre to be on phone with Louis and still he have on he's phone display, john name and not Louis.

Best regard.

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Yeah that's also normal.
Why don't you just edit the greeting to say your employee's names before connecting. It's pretty easy to do.

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