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External call loops back to internal extension

Reception Main number is set up and able to make external calls. However when calling our corporate office and using *(passcode) to directly reach the department for issue we need help with, partway thru dialing the 7 digit passcode (after the *) is sends the call to another internal extension. It did not used to do this nor does this happen on any other extensions.

call forwarding
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If the "Reception main number" and the Corporate office*department are on the same RC account you should be able just to dial the extension number of the department you want to reach. Extension numbers are limited to 5 digits by default(unless you request RC to increase this limit), so I am not sure what you mean with this 7 digit passcode.

Your last sentence makes me think it previously used to work as you describe so I am most likely not understanding your question :D I hope somebody else can help.

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