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How to share audio without having to share your screen?

We're trying to share audio for a dance coaching session. When we share audio, we have only the option to share our screen as well, which minimizes the coach's video. Is it possible to share only the audio? (Using RingCentral on the web browser (chrome, on a PC).

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I couldn't find a way to share only audio/music files you play on PC while another person is already sharing their screen.

The only thing I could come up with is everybody joining 2 meetings simultaneously. First one where the coach is sharing. And the second one stays in the background and everybody is muted. Only when needed people would unmute themselves in the second meeting to share audio.

Or just share the audio files with the coach, so the coach plays them :?

If nobody else has a solution for this, you could give an example of what you are trying to play and how many people you expect to want to share their audio like this, so that we can figure out the best workaround for you?

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To clarify, it's just one coach that is trying to share their audio. I've attached a screenshot to better show what the issue is:screen-shot-2022-10-25-at-43502-pm.png

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ryan-gosling avatar image ryan-gosling Group Sessions commented ·

simplest workaround is to use the build-in video recorder (for Windows) instead of the ringcentral meeting recording. This is how it works.

1. Do everything the same as last time.
2. Maximize the coach's camera.
3. Windows Key + Alt + R.

You will see something like pic related appear in one of the corners (top right for me). And this records your screen along with all the computer audio. You can test it, I think it's very convenient.

recording-game-clip.jpgThere might be a solution using RC only, but I am not familiar with it, since it's also important that the recording has a maximized view of the coach's camera, while she is also sharing her screen.

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