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Polycom phone picks up the wrong line

I have a polycom IP 321 phone with RingCentral. When a call comes into our business or a call is transferred to my extension and I pick up the phone it doesn't pick up the ringing line it picks up line 2 and gives me a dial tone. I have to manually hit the "line 1" button to switch to that line. It never used to do that, it just started doing it a few months ago randomly. I've looked through all the menu options on the phone and can't figure out what the issue is or what might have changed to cause this. It is driving me crazy, any help anyone can provide would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Hi Bryan, have you tried resetting or rebooting the phone?

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Hi Mary,

Yes, after I posted this comment I called tech support and they reset and rebooted the phone and it is still having the same issue. They seem to think it is a hardware issue, but that doesn't make sense to me and I still believe there is a setting that needs to be changed. The person with tech support seemed to be fumbling with the correct course of action and basically did the exact same thing 3 times (over the course of 90 minutes) and then said I needed to get a new phone. I like this model of phone and am reluctant to replace it, especially when I don't think it is a hardware issue.


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It shows that your ticket is still open, and someone tried reaching out to you for a follow-up, but you were unavailable. You may update your case by logging in to and going to My Cases.

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