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Different CNAM for specific outbound number using RingCentral Contact Center.

The company is using RingCentral MVP with NICE inContact Contact Center. The company has multiple "doing business as (dba)" registered companies. When making an outbound call using the contact center we as assigning outbound numbers that should have a specific dba CNAM. I have opened tickets with RingCentral and supposedly when support makes the change to the outbound numbers on the MVP platform, these changes should also propagated to the Nice inContact Contact Center. But that has not been the case. The CNAM name is showing the previous name. For some of the tickets, the change was made up to 60 days ago. So I do not believe timing is the issue. Previous to using RingCentral, the company had a prior subscription with another VOIP provider and with the previous VOIP provider, NICE inContact made the CNAM change on their platform that that worked and is working. The tickets or cases with RingCentral were escalated to NICE for NICE to update the CNAM using their platform, but the RingCentral outbound numbers are registered as CloudConnect numbers on the NICE platform. And NICE states that they are unable to configure CNAM on CloudConnect numbers. Has any other RingCentral subscriber has similar requests and was a resolution found?

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