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RingCentral Desktop Client will not install for Standard Windows 11 Users,Why Not?

I have noticed this problem in latest windows 11 client installs on a domain, it installs fine on administrator accounts and the ringcentral app shortcut shows on desktop under the users\administrator\appdata\ringcentral path. However, once you login as a standard user the shortcut is no longer there nor is it in the users\????\appdata\ringcentral folder path. Its not a matter of pinning or creating a shortcut to a user or even putting into the public\desktop folder as some suggested on another forum because it originally installs from the users administrator account, so if you end up creating a shortcut naturally you will get access denied because of the permissions not being set. I have noticed this only on Domain joined machines and non domain machines with windows 11. Ok, RC you might blame windows 11 for this, but im sure your devs can put a new client out there to fix this, it shouldn't be that difficult.

The workaround I have found is this:

Give the standard user admin rights temporarily, reboot or logout then sign back in with the users new permission role, install ringcentral so that it installs to the users path, once installed,sign out and login as admin (then remove the temp users admin permission role).Sign back in as the standard user that had the issue and VOILA! Ringcentral Office Client is installed and present and it will now work. This is clearly a development problem that should be addressed ASAP BY RC Support, The application should install to the Public Users side of things to minimize this sort of issue.

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Thanks for sharing this, Jerry! I will share it with the Developer Team.

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Awesome thank you Mary! I have edited the post to make more sense,it contained some typos.

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