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Launch an external app or website for incoming calls - Ignore Internal

I have configured the settings to pass the incoming phone number as a parameter and launch a search in our CRM via URL string. This works great AS LONG AS it was a direct incoming call and not a WARM TRANSFER. Our prior phone system (Mitel) ignored internal calls for their CRM screen pop url string. How can I set this to ignore internal calls from other extensions and only trigger AFTER the call has been transferred?

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Hey, @Mark Bates We're digging into this with some of our Support resources - hang tough and we'll get something to you soon.

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Mark Bates avatar image Mark Bates Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Any update on this? This is very frustrating.

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Is there a different 'Parameter' code that I could use in our command that would ignore internal calls? Seems like that would do the trick only launch our CRM when connected to an external caller.

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Brandon St. Clair avatar image Brandon St. Clair commented ·

Having an option to skip the launching of external app/website for internal calls is a much-needed feature. It would also be good to bypass any blocked or Anonymous caller IDs as well.

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Mark Bates avatar image Mark Bates Brandon St. Clair commented ·

Seems like this would be a very simple parameter fix and is indeed much needed. Businesses that utilize a live operator who transfers calls have no way of using the Feature without this. Our prior phone provider, Mitel, had an option to ignore internal transfers and launch the external app when the transferred call was connected. WE NEED THIS!

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