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Key Templates

I can find no information about using Key Templates.

Key Templates are found in the Admin Portal under Users/Templates. They are supposed to assist me in mapping the softkeys on my VOIP.

When I select Key Templates, it brings up the option of Add Key Template

When I select Add Key Template, there is a drop down menu for Device Model, Select a Device Model.

When I select that, it shows "no results".

We have purchased and installed polycom VOIP phones through Spectrum and all have been provisioned and are active, so this drop down menu should show those phones.

No one at Spectrum Business Ring Central technical support seems to know what to do.

My multiple attempts to contact Ring Central technical support have been a disaster, as their system does not recognize my correct voice mail PIN as being correct, and when I finally could get through to a representative, their accent was so heavy I could not understand them, and I kept getting disconnected. After five tries, each one taking about 20 minutes, I have given up.

I have searched the Ring Central technical database, and it includes no references at all to "Key Templates" The search system keeps sending me to User Settings Templates, which is a different topic altogether


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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

@MATT HISLE I'm checking into how to support your issue. Let me connect with some internal folks to see where we need to point you. Thanks!

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Alright, please reach out to phone support through Spectrum:
Call 1-800-314-7195

If they are not able to support the issue, tell them to create a case number to be escalated to Tier 2 for you so RingCentral can work with Spectrum to address the issue.
If you run into any challenges, please reach out to our Community team at

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MATT HISLE avatar image MATT HISLE Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Becky, As noted previously, I already tried reporting this through Spectrum. That was my first stop. Spectrum told me that this was a Ring Central issue and that I had to report it through Ring Central. This makes sense, since the problem seems to be with Ring Central administrative software. The adjacent Template for Users is documented and supported by Ring Central, so it seems to make sense that the lack of any documentation or proper functioning of the Key Template feature is a Ring Central problem not a Spectrum problem.

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MATT HISLE avatar image MATT HISLE commented ·

Tak-it1. Based on your answer, I would expect that I would see a drop down list of possible phones, that would be missing my phone. But there are NO items in the drop down list of possible phones, it is empty. During implementation and setup, in other situations where I needed to choose a specific device, our phones (Polycome VVX250) are shown in the list.

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comment on the 15th which I cannot see on here, someone was supposed to contact me. Did not happen.

I have just run into another related problem. We ported our main number and 800 number from our old system over to the Spectrum/Ring Central account, pointing to the Spectrum Main Number for our account.

However, since I cannot map keys on the phones, and the system does not automatically put the main number as a key on the phone, all calls to those numbers are now in limbo.

How do I put the main number on a key on the phone?

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ MATT HISLE commented ·

Hi Matt, I am not sure why my comment was deleted, but I commented and created a ticket for you. I will follow up with Tech Support on this.

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tak-it1 answered

The answer is simple: not all white-label providers have a 1:1 match of features added. For the Key Templates on RingCentral, there are multiple phone models available for the feature. For the Canadian White Label (Telus Business Connect, likely similar to Spectrum's white label), there is only the Avaya J series available currently.

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David Hutchinson answered tak-it1 commented

Hey Matt,

Did you ever get this issue figured out? I'm having similar problems getting phone features like Intercom to work, and getting the VVX 450 display to show what we want it to, such as multiple extensions, our directory, etc. .

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tak-it1 avatar image tak-it1 commented ·

Can you post a screenshot of your config?

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