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Mobile App dropped calls calls when using cellular data

Has anyone been experiencing an uptick of dropped calls while using the mobile application while on cellular data.

We have had an increase in complaints about the mobile app dropping calls after a couple seconds after answering the calls in the past month or so. While using Wifi in our locations everything is fine.

These users have been using the mobile app for the past few years and it seems like we have had a large amount of drops in the past month.

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Stephyn Velazquez avatar image Stephyn Velazquez commented ·

i've just joined in with ring central but i noticed right off the bat that calling while using cell data will cause the calls to drop almost immediately in and out too

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joey-rowell avatar image joey-rowell Stephyn Velazquez commented ·

We have had it for a few years now and we just starting noticing that recently. In and Out, usually about 2 seconds after answering or making a call. In the analytics its showing bad cell singal,but the cell phones do not have bad cell signal.
On wifi, no issues.
Not quite sure what the issue is yet, maybe a bad update for the app. I will let you know if i stumble into a solution.

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Josh Ginchereau avatar image Josh Ginchereau commented ·

Was there any resolution to this? We just started with Ringcentral and I'm having the same issue on my phone (but apparently I'm the only one in my company). 2-3 seconds into the call, it says poor or bad connection and then it's dead air. It only happens on cell signal.

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joey-rowell avatar image joey-rowell Josh Ginchereau commented ·

Hey Josh, no we have had the issue for months now. A bit disappointing. I was hoping an update on the phone app would just fix it through time.

The logs in Quality section of the analytics show that everything is fine.
Ive tried support, but its next to impossible to get the point across on what is going on. Too easy to blame the cell provider, when everything else on the phone works flawlessly and we are in the heart of a city for cell signal.

If i figure something out, i will for sure update this forum.

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Stephyn Velazquez avatar image Stephyn Velazquez joey-rowell commented ·

Just an update from my end, but the issue disappeared on it's own after about the first 2 weeks. Calls no longer drop whether users are on cell data or any public network. I was never able to fully diagnose why the issue was present in the first place. Hopefully a RC representative can see this and possibly give some feedback.

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Chris Wanner avatar image Chris Wanner commented ·

We are seeing the same thing. It gets worse if the phone is connected to the Bluetooth of the car or earbuds.

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Ronald Abramson avatar image Ronald Abramson commented ·

10+ year Ring Central user here. The past few months, the iPhone app has become unusable for phone calls. Same thing as the others, I’m in a rock solid 5G connection territory but the app claims bad service and drops calls like mad. It is SO infuriating. PLEASE fix this Ring Central! It’s been an issue for so long!!!!!

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