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Inbound caller ID shows our outbound caller ID

When a caller calls in and we transfer a call, it shows either our main number on the caller id or the person transferring the call. It does not show the original caller.

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

This seems a user question. Or are you developing an app?

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Mark Buie avatar image Mark Buie Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

No, this is a developer issue as it is not a current feature per RingCentral customer support.

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ Mark Buie commented ·

Then provide more info about what kind of application do you develop, how do you detect incoming calls and how do you transfer a call using APIs.

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Cheryl Carter avatar image Cheryl Carter commented ·

If you have Poly phones, you can change the settings to where all transfers are blind and the caller ID of the original call will show on the other end. Go to settings - basic - preferences - default transfer type - select blind.

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