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Red dot desktop notification not working

I'm having an issue with the red dot that indicates an unread message on the desktop app icon in the Windows task bar.

The dot doesn't go away when I read all the unread messages, even if I click away after reading the last message. I have to close and re-open the RingCentral window every time I read a message in order for the red dot to clear. This does work every time - if I have no unread messages and the red dot is still there, it always clears when I close/reopen.

It never clears on its own. My app is up to date... Anyone else having this issue?


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Hey, @Susan Russ Is there a chance that it could be an unread message in the Resource Center?
If not, I might recommend a troubleshooting call with Support to see if there is a bug that might need tending to.

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No it's not the resource center - the resource center has its own orange dot as well on the resources icon, and this dot clears as soon as I go through the resources tab. It doesn't affect the red dot on the main app icon, which still doesn't clear. So I should just call? It's such a little thing, do you have a report-a-bug page or something instead?

Thank you!

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You can report an issue via the app in the Resource Center in the section called "Feedback".

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