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cannot authenticate with sandbox because 911 address not set, but also cannot set the address

When I attempt to authenticate with my sandbox credentials I am prompted to set my address however I always get this error.

"Invalid address. Please enter a valid address or contact our support for advanced help."

I'm using the same address that I've used for 3 years and I've tried about 5 other valid addresses as well. None of them are accepted.

I contacted RingCentral Partner Support and opened a ticket on the web portal, escalated that ticket. I'm getting no where with support channels.

Has this address problem happened to anyone else? I've been stuck here for a couple of weeks and it's costing me significant development delay at this point.

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What is the support ticket number?

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Thank you Phong


When I went to get the case number just now it was closed. No one at RingCentral had even touched the case.

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The support team said that you have not replied to any email they sent out to your email address ( so they case is closed after 7 days.

Anyway, let me try to help you here.

What is your sandbox account id or main company number?

Is the sandbox associated with your production account or was it created via a free-tier sandbox?

Do you need to set the sandbox up for developing an application for your production account? If so, what feature do you want to test with the sandbox?

I am aware of some issue with emergency address for sandbox account due to some change recently. Basically, we don't support emergency calls for sandbox account. But the emergency address is required by the RC app. And earlier, one can set it via the RingCentral soft phone app, which is not available for sandbox anymore while setting up a phone device in the account admin. This is complicated, right?

But please answer my questions above so I can see what I can help you further.

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Zachary Spath answered Phong Vu commented

(424) 261-7823 is the main number on the sandbox.

The sandbox is associated with our office production phone system.

Our application EcoLink has been in production and in the RingCentral app store for about 3 years now. We use the sand box for developing features such as Oauth2 authentication, call routing, call recording, texting

We are using a 3 stage authentication and 2 weeks ago the authentication started insisting that we use an e911 address but each address we enter has some kind of validation error.

I cannot set the address upon authentication and I can't set the address from within the service portal.

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Is that the 101 extension you want to set? I see that the 101 user has selected an "Existing Phone" which is not provisioned and it shows the status "Offline".

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