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Call ID & SMS Registry

After registering your SMS phone number business name with the registry, Will consumers now have caller id when you text them to see who is calling. For instance if your company name is Billy Bang Shrimp company. Will the customer automatically see that name when receiving a text. I do not want my callers to see the company name because I use one phone to service three of my companies and it would confuse them to get a caller id call form a different company

sms and text messaging
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No, only if the phone number was saved in their contacts as one of the companies. Otherwise they will continue to see the phone number the text is being sent from. I'm not aware of any planned changes to this functionality or carriers relaying caller ID for text messages (although it could happen in the future).

TCR registration also has no impact on the caller ID shown for voice, these two systems are currently separate.

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Hi Mike I am messaging you because you are the only one who responded in the past.,

I currently have a premium Ring central plan. For texting I use the Window Desktop app and get charged only when I go over my monthly limits.

1) I need to know what all the costs are associated with the changes in the text industry and Ring Centrals service fee changes

A) Ring Central re-occurring fees

b) Text fees. How many texts per month are free under the premium plan. What is the exact cost for over usage.

c) Ring Central Brand fees

2) Regarding new campaign brand. Will on campaign cover all my different texting message, including back and forth texting to my customers, mass texting to invite customer to join my service list, mass appointment reminders, etc, etc

3) My TCR registration is pending. Can I go ahead and create the Campaign brand or do I need to way for my TCR application to get accept

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