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Texting Approval Process

Hello - I paid in full and signed up with Ring Central on 12 - 24 - 22, this would be our 4th or 5th round in trying to migrate to RingCentral!

While I had high hopes since we had an onboarding call the 12 - 26 - 22 to learn we could text message, we have filled out the form for Cloud Talk, RedOxygen and Open phonen all approved in minutes.

We were told the form would be approved in 24 - 72 hours, were now 1 1/2 waiting for texting - we can not use the platform otherwise.

Who has actually been approve??

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I emailed the RingCentral Executive team and got a response from a SVP of sales on the issue - RingCental at this point today can Not Sign up a New Customer and enable Texting in a timely Manner!

  • We signed up paid in full on 12.24.22
  • Filled out initial form 12.27
  • Submitted form 4 more times - was acknowledged received on 1.6.23
  • Was advise it takes 24-72 hours to process
  • Has NOT processed as of 1.18.23
  • Now Advised once it actually processed received - it will take another 10-15 Days
  • ALL NEW CUSTOMERS should anticipate it taking at least 2 months to get Texting Enabled!
  • We Can Not use the account, having to get weekly credits!
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@Tammie McDaniel I can't speak for those other platforms - they may be simply approving your ability to text, but not pushing through compliance via TCR.
My team is happy to look into your request and see where it stands, but typically it takes 7-10 business days for the request to be processed through the TCR.

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