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How to Properly fill out TCR document

We utilize texting by texting other business' who agreed to receive text messages from us via a business contract. We are a transportation company who texts drivers if they fail to provide updates on the loads they are handling. If the business doesnt want to receive text/call, we do not do business with them.

The issue is understanding how to fill in the TCR as we don't have any Opt in/out messages nor do we qualify for any high volume texting. How do we fill out that portion of the document as we are really handling the approval prior to receiving the phone number. It seems the document is geared towards consumer protection but fails to address any business to business related text messages.

sms and text messaging
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Unfortunately, the form requirements are not a perfect fit for most use cases, including the use case you've outlined and most conversational use cases. However, the form is still required, and the questions still must be answered in a manner acceptable to TCR or they will be rejected.

From a consent standpoint, if you have written permission you are good to go. It sounds like for your use case all you need is express permission which could be verbal or written. As to which option this applies, if received electronically I would suggest checking opt-in via website, and if in-person/ on-site, selecting POS/ on-site (or if both, selecting both).

For opt-in keywords and help keywords, we recommend using the templated format that is included in the form at These keywords/ messages may not be required in your use case, and as such you would be providing an example of what a future implementation would look like if you utilized SMS in a way that required these.

For opt-out, this is a new carrier requirement. If someone messages STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE you do need to stop messaging them, regardless of previous consent. Likewise, unless you have your own opt-out message we recommend using the template in the form. The most important aspect here, given your use case, is that you honor their request to stop receiving messages. If you do that you should not run into issues (although we still recommend sending a confirmation that they have opted out).

As a side, these can be automated if you wish using our automation tool (free beta) at We will also be adding opt-out management to RingCentral for our customers in the near future.

I apologize for the confusion, as again carriers are really trying to solve multiple challenges in one form, but hopefully this gets you across the finish line. Any additional questions please let me know (additional information is also available here:

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I filled out my form on January 9th. I have been paying for Ring Central since December 8th and asking for texting. I still do not have texting. I have spoken to The Campaign Registry and they have assured me it is a Ring Central problem. I have done all the necessary steps. Why does Ring Central keep billing and provide no service? It feels like I am getting robbed.

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