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Issue regarding SMS enable process

I got an email from Ring central and they said like these issues were present in the form: (11) - Incorrect Opt-In/Opt-Out/Help Keywords,(14) - Three (3) Unique Sample SMS are required,(8) - No Call-to Action/Message Flow was selected

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Abdullah! The form you submitted needs details that need to be filled out and selected.

(11) - Incorrect Opt-In/Opt-Out/Help Keywords

Opt-in keywords - List words or phrases a user can click to subscribe to your messages. This is required by TCR, and opt-in keywords are typically: START or SUBSCRIBE.

Opt-out keywords - List words or phrases a user can click to unsubscribe from your messages. This is required by TCR, and opt-out keywords are typically STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE. Please note you must honor all opt-out requests regardless of how you are using SMS.

Help keywords - List words or phrases a user can send to get more information or help. This is required by TCR, and typical HELP keywords are HELP or INFO.

(14) - Three (3) Unique Sample SMS are required

Enter three sample SMS messages. Note: It’s important to use messages that best reflect what recipients will receive and include any links you plan to send via SMS. A minimum of 10 characters is required, and you cannot use the same sample three times. If including links in your messages, use links that best represent what your customers will be receiving. Do not utilize short links, and we recommend reading our blog on sending links with SMS.

(8) - No Call-to Action/Message Flow was selected

Call-to-Action/Message Flow - Check the box(es) next to any of the methods listed.

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Jack Hainline avatar image Jack Hainline commented ·

i would recommend doing this sooner than later Abdullah. Ring Central has been sitting on my form since January 9th and i still haven't heard from anyone. they promised 10-14 business days but here we are on business day 21 and still no SMS enabled. i started paying for Ring Central in December 2022. account executive left during the middle of it and nobody bothered telling me. been requesting text messaging since day 1. then in january once i finally took initiative and reached out them they prompted the TCR report. still haven't processed my form. they seem content to just sit back and collect my payment every month and provide me with nothing except a bad look from my customers who wonder why after 2 months i still can not use their system to send a simple person to person text message. horrendous service from this company thus far

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Jill Dunkel avatar image Jill Dunkel Jack Hainline commented ·

Exact same problem! My form was submitted Jan 5.. here we sit 31 days later and no SMS. But they sure are charging my account. Keep telling me 48 hours... I"ve been going on 48 hours for the last 3 weeks. Ridiculous.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Jack Hainline commented ·

Hi @Jack Hainline and @Jill Dunkel I am currently checking the status of your forms, and I will be escalating this for an expedite.

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