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CRM type information popup for calls

I need for when we get an incoming call for some sort of information popup to trigger that gives info to my users. we have multiple DID's in our system that when called, the caller id shows the number of the caller obviously but also the name of the queue (which corresponds to a region that we cover).

there's extra info that we need to know about that call/queue that's written on a clip board on side each phone that changes daily. I would like for when each queue gets a call that relevant info pops up with the call on the screen. it mostly just a name of a person, their phone number, what city they're currently working in and a few other small details

dont need a full fledged CRM which I know could be programmed to do this bc I'm not looking to pay for a CRM that I'm not really using all the features. but if its the only way, some sort of cheap CRM type service that will do this.

Is their some sort of integration ringcentral addon that can pull data from my own private database that I can change daily for when a call comes in and show it on the screen?


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Are you ready to implement the inbound popup by yourself? If so, get familiar with the telephony session event notification and learn how to detect incoming call, parse the event payload, read the "from" and the "to" number then load associated info with the numbers which you want to display on the popup.

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ok wow thanks for the info. im gonna look at it but it may be too much over my head. can I pay ringcentral to do this for me?

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Check out this site.

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thx for heads up, i reached out to ringcentral for help but have not heard back yet.

in the meantime while im researching...

what im hoping to do is have some sort of form that when a call comes in to my ringcentral app, it auto sets the form to the queue that is receiving the call, that i can then put whatever info the caller gives me into the form. i can then hit submit on form and its sends the info to my database or whatever i use for a data repository.

would something like jotform and zapier be useful for this? or is there a better solution?


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It's all up to you how you want to implement the popup or what you do with the call metadata.

We give you a notification when there is an incoming call with the call metadata such as call status (Ringing, Answered, Disconnected etc.), from phone number, to phone number, timestamp etc. You will probably use the from phone number as a key identifier to identify the caller and fetch the info about that caller from your database and display the info on your popup. It's also up to you to save the info in the popup to your database.

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