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Clarification regarding TCR opt-in/out and enabled numbers

I've been reading through the forum questions and information on the various RingCentral pages and am still somewhat confused. In the TCR business registration checklist, it states the following: You must have consent from customers to receive an SMS before you can register with TCR. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. We are local government, currently using high-volume SMS to remind people of court dates and other information regarding court appearances. It isn't possible for us to identify and obtain consent from individuals who may receive a ticket in the future prior to registering with TCR. Is that information incorrect?

I am also not clear on how to register our city numbers. I read in the FAQ's "we require just your main business and support numbers. RingCentral will move all your existing numbers under your new TCR brand ID and SMS campaign." However, on other pages of the website it's indicated that any numbers not registered will lose sms capabilities. Which is correct?

In addition to court communications, we message passport customers, employees, and the occasional 1-off sms. All but the court sms are sent by individual employees as needed. Do I need to set up separate campaigns for each use case and list the specific numbers that will be sending messages? With the exception of court, the majority of the messages sent are conversational, answering questions or providing information. I'm not sure what type of 'sample' messages to include in the registration for those cases.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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@Kelli Ryan Consent is usually collected when you ask on your website or some other form if you are able to text the customer/user for whatever reason, i.e. Jury Duty, court dates, etc.
This form or documentation is what you would provide when registering with TCR.

As far as registration for your city numbers, focus on the main and support numbers.
We will move the numbers under your new TCR Brand ID.
The other pages, I think are just attempting to put urgency around the main numbers not being registered and losing access to SMS altogether.

For campaigns, this piece from the
FAQ might be helpful:
A campaign lets us know how you're using your phone numbers to send SMS. A company will typically have only one brand ID but may have several campaign IDs, depending on its SMS usage. For example, if the medical facility Acme Healthcare wants to send appointment reminders to its end customers via SMS, the campaign ID for that usage would be “appointment reminders.”

I might suggest reviewing the FAQ to see if it can address any further questions.
And please share any additional questions here, if they should pop up or shoot us an email at

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Kelli Ryan avatar image Kelli Ryan Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you for the response. I read through the FAQ's and any other documentation I've been able to find, which is what led to these questions.

Regarding the consent piece, I understand we need to obtain consent prior to sending SMS to customers, however, the language I referred to in the first message indicates we need consent before we can register or the application will be rejected, which doesn't make sense. If we can explain how we will be obtaining consent, shouldn't that be sufficient?

An additional question I have received from users recently regarding consent is if someone sends a message to one of our RingCentral numbers, expecting a response, is that considered consent? Or, do we need to obtain consent before we can respond to an SMS?

Another issue we have is that some users are simply sending updates to employees throughout the day who work in the field to their city-owned phones. Can the city provide consent for SMS to any of the mobile phones we own and assign for employee use? It seems ridiculous that we would have to obtain permission from employees to send them information for their jobs to our owned phones.

I don't know that we want to have all of our numbers registered for SMS, due to the potential for abuse. If I create a campaign for each user or group of users' needs and list their specific numbers, they will be the only ones able to send SMS going forward, correct?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Kelli Ryan commented ·

@Kelli Ryan My understanding is it depends if that will be sufficient.
You need to provide copy or screenshots of how that consent is obtained and it will be evaluated for compliance.

I'm looking into your other questions around consent via an initial SMS message and SMS messages to employees on company devices.
Give me some time to source an answer.

For your latter question, the numbers associated with the campaigns will be the ones that have access to the SMS.

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