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TCR & RingCentral Fees

Hi I currently have a premium Ring central plan. For texting I use the Window Desktop app and get charged only when I go over my monthly limits.

1) I need to know what all the costs are associated with the changes in the text industry and Ring Centrals service fee changes

) What are the TCR re-occurring fees?

b) Ring Central re-occurring fees

c) Text fees. How many texts per month are free under the premium plan. What is the exact cost for over usage.

d) Ring Central Brand fees

2) Regarding new campaign brand. Will on campaign cover all my different texting message, including back and forth texting to my customers, mass texting to invite customer to join my service list, mass appointment reminders, etc, etc

3) My TCR registration is pending. Can I go ahead and create the Campaign brand or do I need to way for my TCR application to get accept

sms and text messaging
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@David Hazen I would start with the FAQ to see if it doesn't address some of these questions:

If you come up against any other concerns, please share them here or shoot us an email at

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Please help me with this. I have reached out to your people today and was redirected to 3 diff people and in the end hung up on. Then I called back and someone told me that I just have to wait. I just don't understand if I am preapproved already why cant someone turn on the system.

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I can be reached at 8474142221

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@Michael Giterman As I'm sure you understand pre-approval is not approval.
As I said in your original thread, I am looking into this and ask for your patience as I gather more details.

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