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Temporary TCR campaigns? and phone number assignments

Would it ever make sense to have a temporary TCR campaign? Let's say for an event that ends on a specific date. Can campaigns have a limited 'life span'? And if so, what about any phone numbers that are assigned to those campaigns? Are the charges pro-rated based on the time, or volume, usage?

Any guidance is appreciated in advance. Thank you.

Btw, for the 'Topics' requirement before posting a message, it would be much more helpful if there was a listing of topics that could be chosen. Just saying.

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Hey, this is a good question, but I think the word "campaign" is what is tripping up a lot of folks here.

Campaign essentially means use case.
So, your "campaign" is how your team uses SMS/text.
Your campaign is going to be defined by who and how you are texting your customers.
If it's person-to-person messages to confirm appts - that would be your campaign/use case.
If you're using marketing SMS/text, then the campaign would be focused on that use case. So, if you send out monthly marketing texts, those could be managed under one campaign in perpetuity regardless of the content.

Is this making sense?
Please share additional questions here and I'll be glad to tackle them for you.

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