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Help with TCR and PDF Failure

We submitted a PDF TCR form back in January and it sat inactive for some time. Once we finally heard back, we were told something was entered incorrectly, and had to resubmit. It then sat inactive for another month, and we're now being told that we have to submit via the Admin portal and will STILL be required to wait the additional 20 business days. There's really no way to escalate/speed up these TCR requests???

It's one thing if users are failing to submit the required items by the deadline, but we are not nearly the only people who've suffered from this extremely poor rollout. I've called the support number given to me to reach the "TCR Team", and have been unable to get through for an hour now.

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I had a similar issue (submitted PDFs on 1 Feb and 23 Feb), ended up submitting on the Admin Portal on 6 Mar (when I was told about it), and am now being told SMS will not be enabled until at least 6 Apr. Customer support is absolutely no help. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, since I was never told nor do my agreements state SMS would be disabled on new accounts. At least now I have an Executive Response Team person providing me updates, although she not speeding anything up.

In comparison, TCR registration and approval only took a few days with the VOIP provider for my other company. It looks like we will just have to wait for RingCentral to get their act together.

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Brian avatar image Brian Sean Vieira commented ·

Same exact case as David and Sean (well guys, take some comfort in the knowledge that it's most definitely NOT just you, it's all of us). Ring simply lost my early Feb pdf TCR application, and just refuses to admit it. Starting over now trying to hit this utterly vague target. No actual support, just the runaround. Never seen a tech rollout this poorly done in 25 years in tech.

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