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Not receiving voicemails

Clients are contacting us indicating they left messages for various users (we have 30 users and this has been conveyed to me for 2 users). Nothing present in the mobile app, desktop app nor have we received those voicemails. Those two lines are receiving other calls and voicemails that are being delivered without issue. Settings are configured to deliver by email and email address is valid. Any suggestions?

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Hi @Crystal Kulaga, what are the extension numbers of these users so that I can check?

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HI @Mary-Community_Moderator, thank you for reaching out. It was for extensions 203 and 207.

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Thanks! Let me check your account and try to identify where's the issue.

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@Mary-Community_Moderator Our practice is having this issue, but it is affecting all members of our admin team. Were you able to find a solution for this issue?

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you should also be able to see the voicemails in the Admin Portal > Users
there is a column "Messages" which is your received voicemail messages. Sort it in descending order, and see who has received a voicemail. If it is 0/0 => 0unread / 0 received.
You can find the same column if you look at Admin Portal > Phone System > Groups > Call queues.

This is a good place to start - to confirm voicemails have been left in the first place!

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