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Enhanced Business SMS > 10DLC Registration Missing from my admin portal


i am very frustrated and concerned about my TCR registration. I submitted a form back in January that was rejected. I have since resubmitted the pdf form but was also instructed to submit through the admin portal. The Enhanced Business SMS option is not available through the portal. I have an open ticket Case #17266228 to try to figure out why I don't have the portal option.

Meanwhile, the 2nd pdf from I submitted and uploaded is not yet in status of "received:. I have called the tcr registration team and my account rep, daily, with no answers.

Please help. I desperately need to text my customers; my business is more dependent on texting than phones. I am at the point of looking at other vendors like 8X8 and moving my phone system to them if they can get my account registered in a timely manner.

Please - I need some help here. I don't want to leave Ringcentral but if texting gets turned off in 13 days, I may have no other choice,


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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦♦ commented ·

Hi David,
Look for an email shortly with additional details. For customers (such as yourself) who have submitted but are getting caught up in delays, we are asking our industry partners to provide a grace period to allow for your registration to be completed.

Thank you,

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David Klein avatar image David Klein commented ·

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I hope there is a grace period. It's been a very frustrating experience trying to get this done - and then receiving automated calls from RingCentral telling me I need to address this quickly as the deadline is approaching.

I have b2b customers that text us orders. Our 5 star reputation will tank if April 1 comes and our customers that text us orders get a message not deliverable or worse - get nothing - and we don't even know that they texted us unsuccessfully.

Also - an important question - if we are using our RingCentral business numbers for Person to Person SMS instead of A2P - do we still need to do the TCR registration?

Any help / assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦♦ David Klein commented ·

100% understood, we are definitely doing everything we can to prevent any disruptions for our customers.

In terms to using SMS for Person to Person, mobile carriers have reclassified all RingCentral (and numerous other providers) traffic as 10DLC A2P, this means that regardless of how you are using SMS you do need to complete the registration. For customers who are only using SMS for what was previously referred to as P2P or conversational use cases, they can register a conversational campaign type.

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John Wilkinson avatar image John Wilkinson commented ·

I am in the same boat. No Enhance Business SMS. We signed up - and were approved - last year but with the new staff there are problems. I've been troubleshooting this since November. The one thing I was told was there was a months-long SMS outage that was fixed but still, my guy cannot text (SMS disabled), and there is no Enhanced Business Portal. My company is thoroughly displeased.

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