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Group Messaging acting up for anyone else?

Having multiple Users reporting that group messages from their personal RC (non HV) accounts are acting up when the external part messages back. They are coming in as a separate text instead of on the group thread. It was last working 3/13 I'm told. TCR Reg is complete.

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Hey Brent, I've also had this issue since mid-Feb. So far, I've noticed that it only occurs when using RC and T-Mobile numbers. I originally opened a case with RingCentral about it, then T-Mobile after being advised to by the RC techs, and neither party seems to know what's going on. I'm reopening my RC case so hopefully this can be looked at in more detail. Is this also only occurring with T-Mobile numbers for you as well? We also sometimes don't have messages come in whatsoever, or they come in twice in some cases. Super weird stuff

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Yes, T-Mobile. And my user is also reporting double message. We have a case open with RC support as well. 17921754

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