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Retrieving Reaction Data in RingCentral Team Messaging API


We are currently working on a project that involves implementing reactions in RingCentral Team Messaging. I have been using the API to fetch message data, but I noticed that the API response does not include any information about message reactions.

I could not find any information about reactions in the API response or the reference documentation. I noticed there is a field named `iconEmoji` in the API reference, but I am unsure if it is related to reactions.

My questions are:

Is the `iconEmoji` field related to message reactions in any way?

Is there an endpoint or method in the RingCentral API to retrieve reaction data for messages in team messaging?

If the API does not currently support reactions, do you have any plans to add support for them in the future?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights you can provide on this matter.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the reaction and many other data are not accessible via the Team Messaging API. It was planed long time ago but has not been implemented since. Let me take this as an opportunity to revisit the plan with the platform team.

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Thank you for the response. We would like to know what the further plans are for supporting this feature. Please let us know if you obtain any information regarding this matter.


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