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Is there a certain library available that is used to convert Mini Markdown to HTML in Team Messaging?


I am trying to implement rich text to the messages presented on my app's frontend (bold, italic, strikethrough, increase/decrease indent, bulleted/numbered list) by converting message body text received through RingCentral into html strings.

I am receiving message text in a tweaked type of Markdown in my get requests, which I see is called Mini Markdown made by RingCentral.

These message strings are very tricky to convert into HTML using typical libraries for that, such as markdown-it, marked, showdown etc. because of the specific deviations from Markdown conventions in these message body strings I'm receiving through RingCentral API. I get a lot of bugs and have to customise logic in most rich text scenarios.

For example, a bulleted list whose indentation is increased by the 'Increase indent' button in RingCentral app looks like this:screenshot-2023-04-11-at-25758-pm.png

It is presented like this in message body when fetching messages:


Markdown-to-HTML libraries can't convert this to a bulleted list, because the 4 spaces that represent the 'Increase indent', that come before the '*' symbol, mean that these items can't be converted to bulleted list items, as the syntax doesn't align with Markdown specifications that all markdown-to-HTML libraries use. The '*' symbol has to come first for a substring after '\n\ to be converted to a bulleted list item.

There are numerous issues of this type.

So, my question is, is there perhaps an approach/library that does this work more simply, that RingCentral maybe itself uses?

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Sorry but I don't think that RingCentral has a lib to convert this. At lease I have never heard about such a conversion need. I don't see many style formats so you can check and implement it for your need.

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