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Where is the estimated time for provisioning assigned numbers to a campaign?

Ring Central's Admin Portal is a scam and also the Setting up TCR registration and assigning numbers to your SMS campaigns ( where it doesn't even say anything about the delay it would take for provisioning numbers. In Admin Portal, it says it would take a couple of hours but how long does Ring Central's "couple of hours" take?

I already assigned the numbers to the campaigns which are already registered, so I waited for the ETA that the 4 Customer Support from the TCR Ring lines that I've talked to which they said 2-3 hours. And guess what? It is still not even now (7 hours) and we can't use our SMS on Ring. Now, talking to their supervisor and they told me it would take 72 hours. What a scam.

It affects a lot of businesses when you are not correctly saying the right time it would take for them to use a certain system/product. Which means it is affecting our business as of the moment. And saying it would take 3 days just to finish the provision for the numbers while a lot of Customer Support saying it would take 2-3 hours and the Admin Portal saying "couple of hours to enable SMS" is such BS.


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Numbers are typically enabled within a couple of hours (many times in a matter of minutes) through an automated process, however occasionally there may be additional manual work that is required. I apologize that this appears to be the case with your numbers, and the team will work to ensure they are provisioned as quickly as possible.

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@Mike Stowe so what happened to our "couple of hours" on our side? After 24 hours, it still on "Provisioning" status and we are losing business already. I've done my research for this since last week and I didn't know your couple of hours would take 72 hours coming from a supervisor on your customer support. Maybe the customer support doesn't know the developer side or the other way around. We need our SMS to be enabled as soon as today. There are no warnings or whatsoever that this would take a lot longer than "couple of hours" in any of Ring Central's site. This is a scam.

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