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Call handling doesn't work when someone is on DND


We are having an issue where calls are not being forwarded to the next person in the call queue if the primary answerer is on DND.

What we want:

-if person A either doesn't pick up OR is on DND, the call rings to person B

-if person B also doesn't pick up, it goes to voicemail

Right now, if person A is on DND, then it just goes to A's voicemail and doesn't ring to B.

Here are the settings I have under Call Handling - Missed calls:

-if set to "Voicemail" then it functions as above, and the call is not forwarded if person A is on DND

-if set to "Forward to extension", it does rings from one person to the next but it will never go to voicemail if person B doesn't pick up. The actual "ringing" the caller hears goes away after the allotted number of rings for person B, but the call still shows connected for the caller, and never goes to Voicemail.

Does anyone have a solution for this? My thought was to make a call queue, but when I go into the admin portal and try to make a call queue for Person A's extension, it won't let me since the extension is already in use.

Thanks for your help!

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