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Duplicate notifications when user's presence changes

I am noticing within my testing that I receive multiple notifications every time a user changes their presence status. I have confirmed that I only have a single subscription for presence change for a single user. When I deactivate the user from the queue (by toggling the switch), I can see 2 notifications come through and it triggers my webhook two times. Since the notification data at that point is something that I need to handle (the user has status = Available but is not part of the call queue), it results in my webhook triggering twice (with 2 authentication calls).

Is there a way to ensure that we only receive single notifications for these changes? I'm concerned about hitting the rate limits for authentication if every trigger is getting triggered twice.

Along the same lines, after my webhook runs and fixes the person's status (putting them back in the queue if they are available), I then receive 2 notifications again. This isn't really a big problem because I don't make any calls based upon these notifications (since I've already processed the situation), but it does make it difficult to debug when everything happens twice.

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I doubt that you have multiple subscriptions. Can you check the subscription id in the event to see if they are the same?

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