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Certificate Not Trusted

Our employees keep getting a message that pops up saying that a certificate is not trusted. The certificate is issued by GoDaddy. Is their a reason we keep getting these messages? Is it safe to ignore them? Should we be clicking "Trust Anyway"?
The message says:

Untrusted Server Certificates

You attempted to access a server ( with a certificate that is not trusted. Trusting this certificate may reveal your personal information to attackers.

Error code:-205

View Certificates (clickable text)

Then it gives us the option to "Don't Trust" in blue or "Trust Anyway" in white. We aren't sure what to do. We also use certificates on our website, but I think this is unrelated because when I click the "View Certificates" text it shows me a GoDaddy certificate assigned to RingCentral.

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@Thomas Campbell, please ask your employee when does the message appears.

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It most often appears when computers start up RingCentral for the first time, but I have heard some of our users say they walk away from their desk and when they come back it is there. It just happened to another one of our users, and it says "Zoom" at the top of the pop-up. Here's a screenshot of the pop-up. I can write the intricate details of what happens when you click "View Certificates" if you think that would be useful.


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Can you please confirm if they are using an up-to-date program? Also, can you have them re-create the issue while getting a HAR file, so we can confirm what is triggerring it. Share it to us at

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Josh Fort avatar image Josh Fort commented ·

One of the users in our environment is experiencing the same behavior. We installed a fresh version of RingCentral last week but the issue returned today.

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