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Duplicate IP Address Warning

Has anyone else seen a warning indicator for a Duplicate IP on their Polycom phone? I've cleared the warning indicator a few times but it does not fix the underlying issue.

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Hi @Kelly Manchester, A Poly phone sends an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) with its own IP to find out if anyone else has this IP. If it gets a reply it will show this message.

Please submit a ticket to Tech Support so that someone can help you check this.

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Karlo Inocencio avatar image Karlo Inocencio commented ·

Hi, how did you clear the warning?

We've reserved IP address for the phones we have that are having this issue but it's still trying to use the duplicated IP address. I figured I could run some sort of network settings update on it but I'm not getting any response from RC to get the admin password (the default admin passwords don't work.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Karlo Inocencio commented ·

@Karlo Inocencio, I saw your open ticket. I'll reach out to Support so they can assist you.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Karlo Inocencio commented ·

The normal admin is 456, once provisioned they make it 789

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