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What is status "Answered" ?

I am attempting to monitor the recipient's phone status using call session status webhooks,

However, I have noticed that as soon as the call is initiated, the status changes from "Proceeding" to "Answered", even if neither party has answered the call yet. Additionally, when the recipient eventually picks up the phone, the status remains unchanged. Is this expected behavior for the "Answered" status? I was under the impression that the status would only change to "Answered" once the recipient actually answered the call.

Even if the user doesn't answer the phone, the call status remains "Answered".

How can we verify if the user answered the call or if it was missed without any response?


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That is the case for internal calls (call between user extensions under the same account). If you try a call from outside (either PSTN number or from a different account) the Answered status will be set when the call is connected. Please retry and confirm.

In addition, the "Answered" event might be fired several times during the call session due to some triggers such as the call recording start/stop/pause/resume, and when the call turns from "Hold" to unhold.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yes, you are right, the call was made between two numbers from the same account.
I tried with different numbers and it seems to display the correct statuses if am checking callSession API

But on callSession webhook, there seems to be an issue with the status for me. It transitions abruptly from 'Proceeding' to 'Answered' and vice versa.
Shouldn't the status be set to "Answered" only when the call is actually answered by the recipient?
And I don't receive any notification in webhook if the call was ended.

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The status change should be the same for the telephony session event notifications. It just has more events depending on the type of a call (e.g. via a call queue, ring group, etc.).

Please read this article to learn more about telephony session events. It does not cover telephony events for call queues or complicated calls but should give you some thought.

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