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Simultaneous ring no longer working

Since February simultaneous ring has not worked on one of my two lines. Countless calls to the new "Eastern Europe" Support have failed to resolve this.

Calls to Billing result in some clearly personal voicemail in a foreign language sounds like Slovakian saying leave a message I will call you back.

Sorry RC, after about 15 years of outstanding service you have gone down hill this year.

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"Eastern Europe" Support :D
Hard to say what the cause is without seeing the current settings. (Call handling of users/ call queues, Auto Receptionist) It is a bit ridiculous the issue you are describing has been running for 5 months already. Sounds like something easy to fix.

I am guessing you wanted to contact billing for a different reason, since billing has nothing to do with simultaneous ringing.

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Hi @Paul King, I see you are troubleshooting with Tier 2 regarding this. Do you still need help?

Also, what's your Billing concern so I can escalate it?

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