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I'm getting an error message for a contact that states Text Send Failure.

I've scrolled back almost a year and can't find the text that failed to send. Is there a way to quickly find this. If not, is there a way to get the error message to no longer show?

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couldn't find a way, but maybe others can chime in.
Btw what are you using? Only the mobile app?
If so, you can try logging in the app for PC either by downloading the app from the support page or by opening the browser version (circled in pic below)

The idea being.. it might be possible to click on the error "Text send failure" and it to redirect you to the failed text. Can't say for sure if it will work, but worth a shot.

Support page with links to downloading the app and the link to the browser app

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I'm using the RingCentral desktop app. I also tried RingCentral from the web and cannot find the message.

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