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Most (but not all) Outgoing Calls From Poly VVX 250 Are Failing

I set up a new RingCentral account for a client, and purchased a Poly VVX 250 hardphone directly from RC. We currently have only one extension, which has been assigned to the VVX 250. It is using the power supply shipped with the phone, and is NOT using POE power.

Everything except outgoing calls from the Poly phone seem to work fine, includiing FAXes in both directions, incoming voice calls to the Poly phone and unanswered calls that go to voicemail.

Outgoing calls from the Poly phone fail about 80-90% of the time, receiving an immediate intercept message, indicating that the call can not be completed. A few outgoing calls DO complete, but it's not predictable. Even repeated calls to the same number will fail multiple times, then will complete on the 4th, 5th or 6th try. Doesn't matter what number or area code you dial. Doesn't matter whether you dial a "1" first, or not.

RC's Q-O-S statistics are consistently good, in the 95% range. This failed call behavior has occured with the VVX 250 connected to two different networks, in two different locations. The ISP at both locations is Optimum/Cablevision/Altice. One location is a business, and one is a residence. Available bandwidth is 100mbps or greater down, 10mbps or greater up, with about 10ms latency.

We have spent a lot of time with RingCentral support, trying to troubleshoot the issue. They want us to do a factory reset on the phone, and reconfigure it. This is upsetting, because the whole reason for buying the phone directly from RingCentral, at a premium price, was to avoid configuration hassles.

I'm pretty pessimistic that doing a factory reset will solve the problem. My substantial experience with Polycom phones used on other platforms over more than ten years, tells me that a configuration or hardware issue on the phone does not present as the sometimes-it-works, sometimes-it-doesn't problem we are seeing. When the calls DO work, which is 100% of the time with inbound calls, but only rarely with outbound calls, voice quality is excellent, and as I mentioned, so are the Q-O-S statistics.

If resetting the phone does not solve the problem, I will ask RC to replace the phone, but my gut tells me that this is some sort of a provisioning or capacity issue. Time will tell.

Any thoughts ?

Thank you !

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This issue with failed outgoing calls was finally solved by RingCentral's support people. It was NOT caused by the Polycom phone. It was caused by downstream carriers rejecting calls that were placed using our toll-free RingCentral number for the Caller ID. Once that issue was cleared up, calls began to complete successfully, 100% of the time.

This was a difficult issue to diagnose, and was originally suspected to be a problem with the Polycom VVX 250 phone, or it's configuration. It took several weeks of working with RingCentral, to finally resolve the problem.

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