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Accessing old RingCentral Meetings from the new app

My company stopped using RingCentral a while ago. I have some old meeting recordings I want to view, but the only way I can see to do that appears to be from the old RingCentral Meeting app, per this article:,can%20access%20them%20via%20the%20RingCentral%20app%20desktop.

When I try to open the old RC Meeting app, it just says to move to RC Video, which does not appear to allow loading local recordings into the app. Is there anything I can do here?

The meetings also will not load with any media app I can find.

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What file format are your old recordings?
When I download a recording it is .mp4, which is easily runable with programs such as VLC or Windows Media Player or many others similar programs.
I would just try to right click on the old recording file and then click on "open with" and find an application that can run it

In any case, I couldn't find a way to play local recordings in RingCentral desktop app.
Can you attach the recording as a file and send it as a message to somebody(or just to yourself) within RingCentral desktop/web app and play it from there? pic related is when I send a recording as a message to somebodycapture2.jpg

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thank you for the response.  I am attaching the recording here. All recordings have the extension .m3u and .m4a .Please help me access these recordings. I am not able to attach the recording because of exceeding size limit.
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