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Contact Center Universal Call Branding

Nice Systems in the fall of 2022 offered Advanced Caller ID. It is not called Universal Call Branding. RingCentral began to offer this service in the Spring of 2023. Unfortunately, the portal for Nice to add and remove numbers for the Universal Call Branding is not available for RingCentral customers. So, I asked my account manager and her team, what is the process to add and remove numbers from the Universal Call Branding service and I have yet to receive an answer. In addition, AT&T stopped all resellers, except a handful, not including Nice Systems, from monitoring calls on the AT&T platform with the call branding service. The last response I received from the RingCentral team was that "this feature is currently on pause". My response to the RingCentral team was if the feature they are referring to is the Universal Call Branding or the AT&T not supported until a new agreement with AT&T is agreed upon. But I have not received an answer.

So here is the question to all.

1. Is Universal Call Branding still a Nice Systems service to subscribe to?

2. or Is RingCentral not offering this service anymore?

3. Or is RingCentral not offering this service until AT&T is part of the subscription?

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