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One user, two hardware phones

The big boss wants a hardware phone in the office and a hardware phone at home. Shared Line seems like the only way to accomplish this. What problems can I expect by using a shared line for this purpose?

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I don't know much about shared lines (nor their cost!) but you can assign 2 deskphones to 1 user (or you can think of it as 2 licenses to 1 user)
In this way you wouldn't need to get a shared line (which I believe is much more expensive than just getting the extra user license - not sure)

What problems can you expect by going with what I suggested? - None :]
How do you add a 2nd phone(2nd license) to a user?
Admin Portal > Users > Unassigned ext. > add unassigned ext (don't enable it)
Phone system > Phones & Devices > Unassigned > click on the ext. > Edit user > assign it to the user.

and then it is just a matter of provisioning the 2nd phone

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I appreciate your advice! I've assigned a second line to the user and provisioned a second phone. The phone comes up blank (no name on phone as would be expected) and the phone can't call out. I confirmed the MAC address is correct. Any other advice (this is a Mitel IP480 by the way).

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I am strongly assuming it's a provisioning issue and it has nothing to do with the fact that 1 user has 2 licenses assigned.
Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones.
in the search field type the name of the boss, so that you only see the 2 phones assigned to him. Are both of them with green status? If 1 of them is red it means it's unplugged or not provisioned or it's not getting an IP address from your router. Double check the IP Address of the Mitel phone.

When you provisioned the 2nd phone you should have used the following details
download protocol: HTTPS
https server:
https path: provisioning/mitel
If you haven't used those anywhere, you've skipped a step.

If both phones have green status, and if you did use the provisioning details for Mitel I'd suggest reaching out to support, since this will require further troubleshooting, which I am not able to provide (especially over the forum and not in person)

If you have any doubts, and think it has to do with the 2nd license, here is how you can test this.
Create a free user (without a license and without a number)
Users > Unassigned ext. > add unassigned ext. > add one without a license and without a number like the pic attached.
Reassign the Mitel phone from the boss to the free user.
Reboot the phone (if it doesn't reboot automatically)
If the phone works, then I am wrong and it might have something to do with the fact it was a 2nd license for the boss. I don't think I am wrong though.

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